Saturday, April 08, 2006

Told Ya So!

As a homeschooler taking full responsibility for the cost of educating my child, I tend to get a little bitter when reports like this come out. How about a little of my own tax money going to educate my own child who, by the way, is far and above the level of most other kids his age (and I'm not biased at all wink, wink)! I believe that he is gifted with intelligence, but I believe more fully that the reason he is ahead is BECAUSE we have fostered an environment that will nourish his mind and body. Meanwhile I pay huge amounts of money in taxes to increase the stupidity of society through public schools (see my post Dumber than Taxes ).

What would you do with $8287 per student in your home? I know mine would have some REALLY NICE field trips and a wholotta books and art supplies. He'd also have a foreign language teacher and music and art lessons. Since we don't get a piece of that pretty pie graph, however he'll have to settle for mom.

HT Spunky for pointing this out.

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