Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Choices We're Given in Life...

My brother gave my son a cowboy costume...handcuffs, spurs, badge, but no gun. I'm guessing that cowboys are becoming more politically correct these days. That did not stop my son--he quickly procured one from his personal arsenal.

He ran downstairs the morning after receiving this gift (having slept with all of those cuddly items in his bed) and asked, "DO YOU WANT TO BE ARRESTED OR SHOTTEN?" No "dood morning, mommy!" no hugs or kisses...just wanted to know which of these miseries I would prefer.

Yesterday he received a Darth Vader Transformer and asked, wielding a light saber, if I would prefer to be "shotten or cut in half." I chose to get "shotten" because I thought I'd have a better chance of survival.

Makes you think about the choices we're given in life. Sometimes the decisions we make seem just like that--a choice between two bad things, so we choose the least bad thing that we can, or at least the one that will be less painful. It seems to me that many people are doing this with their lives, their health, and their children's education. They look around them at the options they are given by society, the government, and their surroundings and choose the lesser of two evils in any given situation. It's like being at McDonald's and choosing a chicken sandwich instead of a burger because supposedly it's healthier, but you're STILL at McDonald's.

When my son gave me the option to be "arrested or shotten" I politely said, "neither, thank you. I'm feeding your sister right now." That's my point. Stop choosing the least bad thing and make the decision to avoid them altogether and make a new way. It's why we got rid of our t.v. service. It's why we are focusing on our family's nutrition and health, and it's why I breastfeed my baby and homeschool my son.

May you be encouraged to make the best choice...not the least bad choice today...for your family and always.

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