Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Prayer


Help me to remember that he is small—that his very life began inside my body, and that being close to me is his source of comfort.  Help me to remember that every time he says mama, it’s because he trusts me, needs me, wants me, loves me.

Help me to remember that he feels safe with me, and I can destroy that sense with a look, a harsh word, or a strike of my hand. Help me to keep my head, but when I err, help me to say “I’m sorry.”

Help me to remember that his heart is tender, and to be honest with him. Show me what he needs to know without corrupting his innocence. Our world is such a perilous place for the mind as well as the body—help me to teach him to keep his mind pure and his body safe.

Help me to remember that I am his parent, and that he needs me to be strong. Help me to set clear boundaries and be consistent in discipline, so that he will not question my authority, for this will help him to be obedient to you when he is a man.

Help me to remember that I, too, have limitations and will never be perfect. Help me to look to you for strength when I feel I have no strength left. Give me grace to be gentle when I don’t feel gentle, and wisdom when I don’t have the answers.

Help me to remember that his future lies ahead of us, and that our home is the soil in which his roots will stay. Help us to teach him by our example to be honest, wise, kind and gentle, and to season the world around him with goodness.

Help me to remember that someday, he won’t be small anymore.  Give me the wisdom to let go when the time is right and to joyfully trust that you have guided us in raising him into a godly man.

© Kelly Mine 2014


  1. I have just seen your blog for the first time and I read your poem that you wrote. That really hit a chord with me as I was feeling a little frustrated with my youngest who is 5y about sitting on my lap while I was drinking coffee. I just felt like I needed space from all the touch/feely/movement in my lap. I am thankful that I didn't 'push' her away. And after reading your poem it made me realize that she was in my lap at the time because she needed to be. I have only read a little of what you have written but some of your style is similar to me and sometimes it is helpful to read someone else's life that is similar to your own. Although I don't think I could blog! I have never tried, I think I am afraid to. Anyway, thank you. I would really like to post it on my fb but it is yours and I won't. I will remember it though and reread it. Thank you. -Heather

  2. Thanks, Heather! I certainly don't mind if you post the link to the blog post on your fb...Glad I could help you today.


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