Saturday, January 14, 2006

Dumber than Taxes

There's been a lot of buzz about John Stossel's Stupid in America report in the blogosphere. I have read the article, but I didn't see the program, because we don't have any t.v. reception anymore. Even so, my husband and I were discussing this very issue just the other night. We figured that, with the $6,000-8,000 of our tax monies that are spent on each individual student in the public schools (and sometimes more if that school needs "help" raising test scores and what-not) they should be virtual geniuses. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I COULD DO WITH $6,000????!!! Books, field trips, computer programs, music and art lessons, sports activities...The fact is that I pay my taxes for someone else to get all of these things and then will probably spend that much and more for my own child's education, as well, just as if I were paying private school tuition.

The NEA vehemently opposes school vouchers and competition. Why? They might actually have to work a little harder, or consider their students' real needs...freedom of choice, for starters.

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