About Us

Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, 2016

Who We Are:

We are a crazy family of four who love God and each other. While we didn't start out to do it, we have been homeschooling two children for 11 years so far. We enjoy a family culture of faith grounded in God's Word, respect and love for each other, love of learning, fitness, and travel.

How we Homeschool:

Drawn to a classical style of education from the very beginning, we have through various means, aimed to meet goals as they are described in The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer. Early on we tried Classical Conversations, but found that Tapestry of Grace was a very good fit for our family and a few other families with whom we enjoyed a small co-op for about 5 years. Tapestry of Grace has been a rigorous, but flexible curriculum designed to keep the family on a similar trajectory with the study of history being the spine which determines our coursework. 

You can read about some of our decisions along the way here in this post, and follow the links through.

With our older now in high school and needing more accountability, he is attending classes through various online educational companies. 

While we believe that an excellent education is of the utmost importance, we try to balance this with experiences that will build memories and skills that will last a lifetime. 

Molly, SCUBA diver (Bonaire 2016)

Donkey Sanctuary, Bonaire, 2016

Gumbalimba Park, Honduras, 2016

Roatan, Honduras, 2016
USAW Youth National Championships, Austin, TX 2016
Olympic Weightlifting, snatch attempt #2
Supergirl, Equestrian. (Horse Camp, 2016)