Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Have No Greater Joy...

Today's pool trip was a bust. We thought we would go to the USMC base pool for the afternoon. All summer long it has opened at 1:00 PM, so we showed up and were pleased to see that it was not crowded at all. Got up to the window to pay and was informed they were closed until 3:00 because school started back on base this week. Boo! So the kids and two of their friends and I spent a good 45 minutes in 95 traffic. Some might think that a waste of time, except for a couple of real gems in conversation that made me want to cry happy tears, laugh, do a dance or something!

I overheard a conversation about you-tube videos that the boys watch about modifying their nerf guns:

Friend: "I wanted to watch that one with (something something something) but I haven't seen it yet.
Son: "NO! Don't watch it. It's inappropriate and this guy "kills" his brother using special effects. I didn't like that. And its just...uh...inappropriate."

Later in conversation I was asking my son's friend if he planned to do a particular club or not. It came around that one of the reasons he didn't want to join was because they gossip about the kids who don't do as well, and he doesn't like to say bad things about people. :) Then he followed that up with, "I'm just not sure where God is leading me yet."

I am so enjoying this season where my kids now have friends that they have had for a long time. We have worked hard to cultivate these friendships and there is honesty and trust among them, though there have been times when we have needed to correct and admonish them concerning their friends. When I hear this kind of talk coming from my son and his very good friend, it gives me hope. I know they are sinners, but I see a desire in them to do the right thing--to do well. Today, I am encouraged.

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