Friday, August 27, 2010

First Week in Review

Okay, I can say honestly that I hope that we don't start every year like this.  It's been a rough beginning.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday it was fingernails and white-knuckles to stay pleasant and keep going in spite of my really-rotton-no-good-cold.  This week was rough starts and working out curriculum.  We introduced a new math curriculum (Math Mammoth) so as to fill in some areas that I feel may be lacking with Math U See (not that I'm not pleased, because I have been up until now).  It turns out we really like this!  We also began a new spelling program (MegaWords), which Matty actually likes! (faint...) and a new Bible curriculum (Apologia's worldview curriculum).  I would have to say that even from chapter 1, this has been the highlight of my week with the kids.  It has stimulated fantastic discussion, and generated questions, prayers, and conversations that I would otherwise not have had.  We have made it a priority to start with this every day, and no matter how bad I have felt, the days have started well because we have started it with God as our focus.

In keeping with the intent of this blog to be "encouragement for the homeschooling life," I will do my weekly report as a reflection of what I learned this week, because I have found that what I am learning in the course of all this is just as significant, but far more humbling.  God uses the process of teaching my children to instruct me more and more and more in his ways.  (I often tell people that homeschooling is far more about the parents than about the kids, if they will submit and allow God to shape them in the process.)

I learned that it is REALLY important to start our day out together in the Word.  Yes, I know this already, but I had allowed summer laziness to kill the habit.  I was truly miserable in my flesh this week.  In my Spirit, however, I was encouraged by the conversations and yes, fellowship I shared with my children through God's Word.  I also learned that even in the first week of school there are times when we need to just admit defeat and take a nap.  Everyone is happier for it.  I also learned that there are times when I don't know how to do this at matter how much planning or curriculum.  These kids are individuals and full of their own strengths and weaknesses.  I have to rely on the One who knows them best to guide me every. single. day.  I am but a steward of these souls.  Lord, show me who they are in You, and how best to teach them...amen.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I too have been flaky this summer with leading my kids in God's Word. We've started up Leading Little Ones to God (we just adopted a 6 year old so I'm trying to go over the basics) but I'm not really liking it. My husband is reading through an OT Bible Story book at night with them.
    What age would you suggest the Who is God? study for? It looks very interesting.

  2. My daughter is 5 and she is not "getting" the discussion on the same level as my son, who is 9, but she is listening and enjoying the stories and text and is able to memorize the verses for the week. It's a good choice for us, and I know that as we go along she'll grow into it.

  3. I'm doing Who Is God? this year with my 1st grader. We're taking three weeks to do each chapter. I really love the book. I'm thinking about repeating the series once we go through all four books.

  4. I blog about our week, because it holds me accountable. It is my accountability journal.

    I post to other blogs, because I know that it is encouraging to hear positive words from others traveling the same path. Sometimes I do find curriculum or books to research and sometimes I enjoy following a family that is using something that I am considering. However, FWIW, I do enjoy reading them not to compare, but because some of these ladies are wonderful writers and/or photographers.

    Actually, typing this to you has made me think about changing some things in my blog.;-)

  5. I enjoy reading them too...don't get me wrong! But there are the times when I dare not because I am having a time of feeling like a failure, or I'm not satisfied with my child's behavior, etc. that it can really send me into a tailspin. Just being honest about my own weakness, and I've heard from many others that temptation to compare is huge. I like the concept of an "accountability journal." I have decided this year to do the weekly updates partly for that reason, but also for the discipline of reflecting on what the week has taught me about how to do this better. btw...the photography on some of these is GREAT--I'll give you that!

  6. Kelly, I love, love, LOVE this weekly report ... I love that it is from the heart and keeps Christ at the center ... my favorite weekly report and just what I needed to hear {read!}! ;)

    I am *really* interested in that Apologia curriculum ... it might be just what I'd want/need for next year - thanks!


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