Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How NOT to Start a School Year

I learned a valuable lesson this week...and it's only Tuesday.  It's best not to start the school year off if Mom wakes in the morning on the first day with a raging sore throat.  It's usually not a good sign--no matter how cute the school room looks with the sunshine pouring in, no matter how cheerful the fresh-faced children look over their breakfast (which Mom could barely cook), no matter how faithfully they have done their chores and dressed after a summer of fostering slovenly habits.

Somehow I bucked up and pulled it off...and a fine array of other cliche phrases.  We had our first day, but by the second day I was just wiped out, gave up, and sent the kids to the neighbor's house to play for the afternoon while I went to bed.  ugh.  I might have to give this another go next week...The best laid plans...

Nevertheless, here are some shots of my scholars on their first day of school 2010 / 2011.  One nine-year-old boy and one five year old girl giving their best first day faces.  Oh, and one cat who loves to get right into the middle of it all.

Jack decides he's going to visit the (Playmobil) vet...and go to school. Annual check-up?
Jack is ready to start school, too!
My fresh-faced students (note to self, have Molly brush her hair as part of the morning routine)
Matty, Age 9
Molly, Age 5

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