Saturday, October 03, 2015

Week 6: Six Reps of Anything...

It might have been mentioned here before that the kids, my husband and I all do CrossFit together. In any warmup, workout, or set of any kind, six reps is manageable. Six pushups are fine, six pull-ups, six kettle bell swings, six cleans...after that is where the struggle begins.

I'm pretty proud to say that I did 100 burpees today. Ten sets of 10. Every single set that number 7 rep felt pretty old. But I did it, and I am still walking. In fact I was a little winded, but I walked away from that workout feeling good. Good? After burpees?

We are on week six of school. Everything has felt good up to this. We now have weeks 7, 8 and 9 to go before we get a bit of a break, at which point we will go to Williamsburg to see what we see there.

I will look forward to the break and push through as though these weeks are the next few reps of a set of 10.