Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 4: Day in the Life of a High-School Homeschool

7:30  - Woke up this morning and it hurts to breathe. Don't worry--it's only the 90 bar-hanging knee raises I did yesterday. Next week I will have abs of titanium and then it'll be fine. Showered. Dressed. Made the bed. Considered all the clothes I need to put away. Didn't do it.

The Packers beat the Bears this weekend so I'm not overly depressed or concerned about the week, though the upcoming games cause me some real worry--we HAVE to stop the run, men, or Seattle will...I can't think about it. Oh yes, I'm a Packers fan. An owner, even. I never blog about it because it is not directly related to homeschooling, but if you consider the number of times I threaten my kids with disinheriting them of the owner's share if they don't do what they should, then maybe it is.

7:50 - Woke the kids with the promise of coffee when they come down.

8:24 - Sitting here blogging, listening to them talk in the other room. I'm about to shatter their happy lives with the call to get started on their school work. We'll start with Bible and hopefully that will set the tone for the day.

9:20 - Breakfast is done, and Bible is discussed. Matt is working on algebra, Molly is getting ready to start reading her science chapter. I'm trying to get a check written and in the mail before our mailman comes. We have the earliest mail delivery of the whole town, I think.

10:00 - M is stuck on an algebra problem involving time, distance and average speed. ugh. Other M is taking beautiful notes in her Apologia science notebook. I love the time and attention to detail she gives to her notebook pages.

11:15 - Have emerged from algebra melt-down. Stubbornness prevailed here, and now I have a headache. Finally he has moved on to grammar and thankfully he is finding it a quick and easy task as opposed to the algebra ordeal. Molly is reading Dangerous Journey (an illustrated kid's version of Pilgrim's Progress) in preparation for tomorrow's co-op. I need to prepare for co-op, too.

This is one of those moments that I feel I am undertaking the impossible.

3:25 - Broke for lunch somewhere around noon. The kids made lunch today, which gave me a little time to read and gather my thoughts for co-op tomorrow, though I'm nowhere near finished. I would like to try to get to the gym and work out but I am not sure if I can get everything done in time if I go. It seems simple enough--go, work out for an hour, come home. It is a 90 minute venture at least, not counting the socializing, post WOD stretch, potential rush-hour traffic, the rubbing of the muscles, complaining to the husband, showering, etc. Molly and I did math together while Matt finished his assignments for Tapestry of Grace co-op for tomorrow. Leaving in a minute to pick up my farm order from one of the local organic farmers. Matt is about to start his online Latin class at 4:00 and Molly is practicing her violin.

It's 6:50. We are about to eat. I didn't work out, but I think it's okay, seeing as how the two-day soreness from yesterday's lifting is really starting to settle in my quads. I'll get moving tomorrow. This evening I'll finish up the plan for tomorrow's discussion and get to bed at a decent hour. I hope.

It was a day. I am having a glass of wine to un-wine, I mean unwind. ;-) If you ever were wondering how these things go, it ain't pretty, but somehow it all seems to work out in the end.

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