Saturday, September 12, 2015

Week 3: In Which I Exhale

We have successfully sustained three full weeks of school work. I find that I place high standards upon myself, especially when we first get started. I have the habit of over-planning, and then having to pare back a little from my original plan--kind of like grocery shopping when you're hungry. You get home and ask yourself, "Why on earth did I buy all this food?"

Anyway, yesterday Molly and I allowed ourselves a girl's day out. We went and got our hair and nails done, went out to dinner with girlfriends, and did a little shopping at the new organic market that just opened up.

We came upon this in the store, and found ourselves very amused.

Ew. I'm not against recycling. They just might want to re-word the packaging.

Overall it was a good week.  The Biology class collected pond water from a local pond to grow specimens of various organisms. I didn't get to go because I was teaching the girls how to draw lemons in a bowl, but it looks like they had fun. 

Somewhere down the line this week I started to relax. I think the kids are working hard, finding a routine, and managing their time well. Now I can take the days as they come and feel more at ease. 

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