Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 1: Getting Back to Routine, Starting High School!!!

Wow...I'm pooped! It was a good, but full day! I'm so proud of how both kids jumped right in and got to work on their academics.

Today marks the beginning of my son's high school journey, my daughter is starting 5th grade (whatever that means) and my hubby is attending his first graduate class for his MBA! It's going to be a busy year!

Looking ahead at the year, I am feeling slightly daunted, knowing that my son has chosen to pursue a fairly rigorous course of study, which includes Tapestry of Grace's rhetoric level work. My daughter constantly challenges me with her unconventional learning style which is both the greatest delight to me and a source of frustration at times.

It has been a while since we have been in our "normal" (haha) routine. When my mom passed away last fall it was difficult for me to keep up with things at the same level that I had done in the past, and the kids did a great job of keeping up with things that they could do on their own. I was much less present than usual. Now, however, I feel both ready and eager to help steer them through this year, and rediscover the joy that has been our experience up to this point.

I am hoping to "live-blog high school" so to speak. Looking back, I've had this blog since 2006, and while it doesn't reach many people, I do find that some seek me out and express that it has in fact encouraged them. Hopefully, our high school journey will be a way to continue encouraging parents who truly want to see this thing through.

So, it's a journey of firsts for all of us--and I begin a new blogging adventure, as well!

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