Thursday, August 06, 2015

Sum, Sum, Summertime...but Ready for Fall...

It's been a pretty lazy summer for us in some ways--busy, but also lazy. Is that even possible? I am most definitely ready to move forward into the next season, which happens to be my favorite, as well as get started on this new adventure of homeschooling a high school student.

The summer has looked something like this:

Another Amazing Vacation in the Outer Banks, NC

Visiting the wild horses on the beach...

Ready to Roll...somewhere at the beach in the truck.


My Girl!

Super hot days

Thieving Groundhog

Rehoming the Thieving Groundhog

The Great Kombucha Experiment

NOOOO! Not quite tall enough for the Volcano!

Braces! (and a growth spurt and a mission many changes!

Junior SCUBA Certification Class

Pool Sessions

Learning how to use Dive Tables
After the young man's birthday celebration and the final clean-up of the house and summer schedule (playdates, final pool trips, etc) we hope to get started with the academic year on August 17. I think I'm ready! From there I hope to resume weekly updates and something of "live-blogging" the high school experience from my perspective. Stay tuned!

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