Sunday, August 16, 2015

SCUBA, Baby!

When my husband and I first embarked on this journey 17.5 years ago, it should have been apparent from the git-go that we would do things a little differently than most.

My husband's job had him stationed in Puerto Rico and when we tied the knot he had six months remaining at that post. We talked about honeymoon options. We were in the Caribbean, after all, and so the typical cruise / resort / beach honeymoon seemed the logical option, but that is not what we did. Instead of a traditional vacation honeymoon, we opted to learn  how to SCUBA dive, and on every weekend that he did not have to be on call, we dove. 

Life. Water. Creation. Beauty. The sensation of flying. It is all magical to me. 

So basically since I gave birth I have been waiting to introduce my kids to the amazing world beneath the surface of the water, and now that my dear little daughter is 10, the time has come. 

Oh, this parenting thing--it's getting fun. Real fun. The kiddos have nearly completed their Jr. open water certification, and Dad and Mom are in fits of delight planning the next time we can log water time. What did we do on our summer vacation???

SCUBA, baby! 

(insert happy dance here)

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