Friday, February 20, 2015

Week of Feb. 16: In Which We Finally get a Snow Day

Finally. It snowed this week! I find winter to be a bleak experience in the absence of snow, and finally this week we got a sled-able amount. Is that a word? I don't care...

We even had plans to go skiing at one of the local ski resorts on Friday, but the temperatures plummeted into single digits and below-zero wind chills...We'll shoot for next week.

And isn't that the absolute joy of homeschooling? We can just decide what we do and when, and I don't have to write a note, check a schedule, make sure homework is made up--nuthin. We just go and when we do, we get the place to ourselves, practically. No lines, no crowds. It is this lifestyle that makes it very hard to choose another path. Sure, we talk about it sometimes, that maybe it would be better to go to school for x-reason or y-reason, but when we weigh the pros and the cons, the pros in  favor of homeschooling always win, and lifestyle is one of the heaviest factors on the list.

So with schools being cancelled and the government allowing Dad to be home to telework, we have had a very loosey-goosey school week. It has been week 7 of the winter / spring and it occurs to me that from past observation, we have the stamina to stay very focused on lessons for about six weeks at a time, and then we really need a lighter week or even a break. I have seen folks that schedule lessons for six weeks on, six weeks off, and work year round. I like this idea a lot and have considered it myself, but we have consistently been wildly unsuccessful at schooling through the summers, so I'd have to tweak that idea a bit.

All in all it has been a restful, snowy, very cold week. Next week we pick back up with our co-ops and goals. Happy snow day to all!

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