Thursday, February 05, 2015

Planting Seeds, Making Music, Moving Heavy Stuff

It is often said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Last semester, indeed my heart was absent from our school experience and the step back gave me time to really miss what we do. I wonder if in fact we should be more cognizant of the fact that maybe we need more time than we give ourselves to contemplate, regroup, and remember. The past month of lessons have been so rich and the fun seems to be back in our studies. Setting goals and meeting them is not the drudgery that it has been at other times in the past, when burnout was settling into our winter bones. 

This week we began our new science series in botany, and the cats thought it might be fun to observe the lessons. They can never stay awake through the whole class though, and they tend to fight over who sits / lies where.

Winnie can't stay awake
Planting seeds to place in a light hut
This is my notebook, find another one.

Our friend joins us on Wednesday for science, literature, sign language and art. The kids are thoroughly enjoying learning how to communicate under mom's nose while I have no idea what they are saying. (my friend is teaching the ASL and science.) 

Abi practicing
Sign language vocabulary challenge

Molly has been wanting to learn violin for a long time, and finally I gave in and said she could take lessons, but I wasn't ready for her to give up piano. She agreed and will do both for a while. She had her first lesson this week, and we are so excited for her! I am so grateful for her wonderful teacher who instills not only knowledge about the instrument and music that is assigned, but an overall love for music that is simply a rare gift. Her enthusiasm for all things musical is contagious. I hope she never moves away! 

Molly had her first violin lesson this week!
Learning how to hold the bow properly
Learning how to bow, her first notes!

Matt continues his study of Mandolin

Matt competed in his third Olympic weightlifting competition, and achieved a personal best.
Busy week. I'm satisfied. and tired. 

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