Monday, February 09, 2015

Monday at our House, For People who Wonder What Homeschoolers Do All Day

For so many who wonder what homeschoolers do all day...Wonder no more. Here it is. It ain't pretty, but it's real.

8:30 a.m. - CrossFit Kids class. Good workout. No workout for me because I decide to wait for afternoon class. Friend got stranded on I95 and couldn't make it to class, so I said I'd wait and work out in the afternoon.

10:00 - 12:00 - Visit with weekend boarder-friend as she prepares to leave, then grab instruments and begin playing guitar and mandolin until we tire of that. Work out the melody and harmony of Minuet in G by Bach. Matt practices piano. Molly walks neighbor's dog, does spelling and listens to "Black Beauty" on her iPod. Everyone grabs a bite to eat.

12:30 - Go downstairs. Time to get to work, except Matt finds new volumes of Shakespeare and begins reading Henry V out loud, dramatically, to his sister's dismay. She is trying to read Botany. Shakespeare is not on his list this week. Oh well.
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers...for he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother! 
1:30 - One has a meltdown. Won't say which one or over what, but it was absolutely not worth the emotion invested in it. Dad (who is teleworking today) goes upstairs to get the skinny on why school isn't being done. Got it...needs time alone to regroup. Cool. Always was the one to go to timeout without being told. Still does it.

1:45 - Apology is made by offending sibling and peace is made with a coveted candy from private stash. All is well.

2:00 - Math for Molly. Sandwich for Matt. He may or may not have said, "You got that London broil for me, right Mom? 'Cause I used most of it." Yup.

2:40 - Sandwich for Molly. It's going to be a late dinner.

3:00 - Go pick up car-less friend to go to CrossFit. I need to work out. My head is not my own...Everyone keeps talking to me, and I can't complete a thought of my own. About. to. Implode.

5:09 - Come in the door of the house complaining loudly at my husband because today's workout was the worst I've done in a very long time, despite hitting a personal record on my back squat. He did it this morning and said "it wasn't so bad." Closest I've come to puking during a WOD since I first started. 6 rounds of 10 thrusters, 12 burpees. Ugh. "But you did it can't take it back." True that. Gotta be proud. Calories burnt.

Daughter informs me of all the school work she finished, proclaimed herself "dismissed" and I concur...not bad. She ended up working pretty hard this afternoon on her reading and assignments. Haven't heard from the son yet.

6:25 - Dinner is cooked. Chicken noodle soup with enough for leftovers tomorrow. Made the soup from my own gelled bone broth and all organic ingredients. Not boasting, just sayin'--real food is what's for dinner around here. Standing at the stove, sipping a glass of wine, tired and done...but completely content. By no means was this a textbook day--didn't keep the "schedule," kid had meltdown, nearly cried during my workout, exhausted as you-know-what. But happy. Completely happy with life.

7:45 - Looked at the white board downstairs. Realized that there were all kinds of examples of fractions written, but not by me. Brother was teaching sister about how division and fractions work, just for fun. Said that she understood. Great. I've heard it said you only have to teach the first one. Maybe it's true after all.

8:00 - More practice with son on Minuet in G just for giggles. Both of us are tired so not as successful as we were this morning.

8:25 - Downton Abbey recorded from yesterday. Haven't heard any spoilers. Happy.

Early bed night. Husband has to commute in tomorrow at Oh' Dark Thirty. Glad for the van pool. Glad for telecommuting. Tomorrow we'll be home all day digging deep in our weekly assignments.

And that is a "regular" school day. In case you were wondering.

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