Friday, August 22, 2014

Counting Down to Day 1...

This is the condition of my desk at the moment. It was my intention that this be done by now, but I am in my happy-place...planning out the calendar, the schedule, the units that we will study, and assembling the plan for the year overall.

I said before that it was a weird summer. It had some very lovely moments, but overall, I am quite ready to move on to a new season.


  1. Are you getting closer to the 10 year mark? I'm starting my 10th year and have been gradually getting less and less "prepared" when school starts. I am finding many of my friends in this same position are finding the homeschooling road to be somewhat uphill. There's a general feeling of motivation to start is getting a little harder each year. This blog post (not mine) said everything I have been thinking - maybe you too?


    1. (sigh) I am at year 9, (son is going into 8th grade) and I did find a lot of encouragement from that post. Thanks.


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