Saturday, October 05, 2013

Weeks 6 & 7: In Which we Bend and Stretch and Remain Flexible

I haven't posted the past two weeks because life has been a little less-than-predictable, and ever-so-interesting. Last week we were blessed with completely unexpected house guests. Thankfully they are also folks who homeschool, so we still got work done, but not the usual amount and I certainly didn't remember to take photos.

This past week has forced us to flex because of the so-called government shut-down. Dad is therefore home with us for the week, with no apparent notion of when he will return to work. It's wonderful having him home, but there is that small bit about getting paid--he isn't. We can't do much but hang out at home and enjoy being together, or go to CrossFit since that is not an out-of-pocket expense. Hubs has done a ton of yard work, and it all looks great. I'm ready to fill in my flower beds with pansies and mums, now...just as soon as he goes back to work. How long until an election? 

But this week was wonderful, and since my husband was home, and we carried on and made up for last week's loss of routine with a concerted effort to get back on track. So we...
refreshed Mrs. Chicken's salts

Set goals

Turned into grammar ninjas
just keep diagramming...
Oh, he is hilarious, alright!
did a little science-for-fun
caught up on TOG reading
enjoyed the beautiful weather on the patio
did a tough WOD together

Then last night we had the most amazing supper and friends over to enjoy it with us! Truth is, I would rather eat food like we had last night with good friends than go out to eat any day of the week...

I am finally reaching the point in my homeschooling journey where flexibility and loss of time spent on books does not upset me. I am learning to take all of life as it comes and not separate out schooling as being an entity different from life. Here I reiterate the point that I have made before--I want whole individuals who are trained to live life and be learners in every situation. I think these goals have been well served the past couple of weeks. It appears that we will have about one more week to bend and flex...Maybe Congress should take some lessons...

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  1. I like what you said in your last paragraph - about helping our children become whole individuals who are trained to live life and be learners in every situation. I definitely agree! I'm so sorry that you're facing an uncertain situation with your husband's job. I pray things resolve quickly.


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