Saturday, November 10, 2012

Week 11: In Which We Learn Nutrition and Fitness

This week took on a health and fitness theme, as the kids and I explored the subject of nutrition in science, and since they were back to good health and recovered from their colds, they tried out CrossFitkids. We also did the basics and history, waited in a very long line (1.5 hours) to vote, watched the election coverage, pulled teeth from both kids' mouths as we watched the votes come in... You know--the usual stuff.

On Friday after science we had our literature group in which we discussed Animal Farm. It was incredible to see the insights the kids had into that book. Some had a better grasp of the facts of Stalin's rise to power than others, but all of them, when briefed on the situation grasped it completely, and were even able to apply aspects of the book to our modern political situation! With worried expressions they stated the obvious parallels and asked, "Why can't they see what's happening?" Unfortunately, these were questions I could not answer.

These were the highlights of the week, but we did the usual things as well--math, writing, spelling, reading, but the timing of our nutrition chapter and our recent interest in CrossFit could not have been better. The timing of the election and Animal Farm was excellent as well. When I reflect on it, it was a very rich week, full of real-life learning, enhanced by the academic side of things. These are the reasons we homeschool!

Matty helps Molly fill in her Paleo / Primal food pyramid, based on our personal eating habits, which are not strictly Paleo, but we seem to be trending in that direction. Our personal pyramids do include a few grains and some dairy, though we have definitely curtailed consumption of both.

Discussing the glycemic index of foods and testing for starch.

At Crossfit, Molly crushed the bear crawl. She would call it a "Cheetah run" and she's been practicing it for years, seeing as how she believes herself to be part cat.
Samson lunges take a lot of concentration.
Medicine ball work...


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    1. Yes, it was a great week! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Where did you get your Paleo food pyramid?

    1. Actually I don't remember. I just googled "paleo food pyramid" and hit the images button--a ton came up.


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