Thursday, November 01, 2012

Lookie Here! Outdoor Gear!

I got an email yesterday from the fine folks at Outdoor, letting me know that we had been featured in one of their posts on Weekend Warrior Wednesday. (I guess that is kind of like our Wordless Wednesdays, except not wordless and about Weekend Warriors. People like alliteration on Wednesdays.) I was flattered to say the least and thought I'd check out their website and company. Being the fan of small businesses that I am, I would like to give a shout out to this company who is obviously making an effort to promote quality outdoor gear and supply it to folks like us who, er, like outdoor gear. Hiking shoes and poles, backpacks and sleeping bags are all things I'd really like to hear more about from people who have used them. They feature interviews and reviews from people actually on the trail using stuff, (as in they go up to people and say, "Uh, hi! How ya like them boots you're tromping around in?") and the people tell them. So, check them out, and definitely have a look at the blog post and see my cutie pies being featured by someone other than me!

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