Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 8: The Week in Pictures, with a History Focus

This week we were playing a bit of catch-up in history. I have allowed ourselves to move a bit more slowly this year with Tapestry of Grace than last year, and by doing so have been able to get other things done such as science and more geography. Writing has been a leap-ahead in terms of skills development, so this has taken more time. This being the case, we decided to take a week and work all of our lessons around a history theme, that being the final years of WWI and America's involvement in the Great War. Matty wrote a chronological narrative of some of the events in which America was involved, and Molly completed lap book mini-books about the things we have read concerning the topic. We took a day for a Kennedy Center NSO concert and afterward took a short jaunt up the road to the Smithsonian Museum of American History. Friday we took the day to go visit my Mom and sister's family, and picked up some fun new experiences there, as well!
Matty's WWI timeline page
Molly's Unit 1 lap book so far
Molly's 3-D mini-book depicting the Christmas day soccer game between Germans and British soldiers in WWI, as described in the story War Game.
The serendipitous Kennedy Center picture for which my friend was reprimanded by the ushers!

Graffiti wall in the American History!
Legos are more fun when they aren't your own. (also at the American History Museum)
A pit stop at Starbucks--waiting for treats.
Learning to drive Uncle Mark's boat!
She'll have her captain's license next week...
Spending time with Nanny!

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