Friday, October 12, 2012

Week 7: Short and Sweet

After last week's post about reflecting on the first part of this term and how much more at ease we are, we were further blessed to have an extra-long weekend and some wonderful time with family and friends.

Last Friday evening we "christened" our new patio with a fire in the fire pit and invited friends over to make pizzas. They settled in and stayed late and we laughed and joked and laughed some more. On Saturday morning when I woke, I felt refreshed and happy and wonderfully content. It struck me that as we are working hard on doing all that we should to care for ourselves and our families, that time of refreshment and fellowship with friends is as vital to our well-being as good sleep, food, and time to play and reflect. The weekend continued with cleaning chores and laundry, church, Sunday afternoon football and a family movie night. The boys made us girls the most delicious nachos I've ever tasted! Monday we went on a hike in chilly, overcast weather. Once home I made homemade hot chocolate for my kiddos, and their satisfaction was evident!

We had a visit from my bff and godson this week, so that left us only two days for lessons and one for co-op, so we focused on science and reading this week. We learned about our muscles and how to keep them healthy, and read our history assignments, but will cover the discussion questions on that next week.

It has been a good week. I am learning that real rest and relaxation leads to more productivity during the working hours. Even though we only worked three days this week, those working hours were focused and well-spent!

Learning how to use the microscope
Looking at muscle tissue under the microscope
After a productive day of school--clean up time!
Molly completed her first cursive assignment!

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