Saturday, October 27, 2012

The GI Tract Revealed to Middle Grade Students

We are currently studying Apologia: Anatomy and Physiology. This week's topic was the digestive and renal systems. We did not have an experiment in the book that was ideal for a group of kids so we went online to look for something that would illuminate the process of digestion a little better. We did find an interesting demonstration here, and it goes something like this--each part of the demonstration is supposed to simulate what is going on in the digestive process. This is what it looked like. The photos speak for themselves.

Food enters the mouth (a mixing bowl)
adding saliva
the bolus moves into the stomach through the esophagus
food is mashed up in the stomach with...
bile to break down fats
and stomach acid
at this point, it's getting a little stinky
Okay, here we go...
into the small intestines

eww...this is kinda' gross...
Oh, gross!
Girls, wait! Don't you want to see nutrients be absorbed?
So the boys are left to handle the absorption of nutrients.
Grossed out, but still having fun with it...
Look out, guys! We have a gag-er!
I present your lower intestines!
and the final product...

If you would like to do this experiment, you can find it here on squidoo. It was extremely gross, but we laughed so much it was well worth it! I don't think the kids will soon forget the experience.


  1. wow, that was quite the experiment! Kudos to you for going through with it all!


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