Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week 3: Full Week of Good, Hard, Work

This week was a week full of training--of bodies, of minds, of spirits, and of character. We are all tired, but satisfied for a job well done.

Both kiddos started swimming this week. Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30 a.m., so earlier mornings and tired bodies were factors to contend with. We managed, but it seemed that Tuesday and Thursday both were the days I "paid" for their workouts. I know they will adjust.

Wednesday evening they both started back to AWANA--Molly to (her last year) and Matty to TNT (his last year).

Our best activity of the week was mapping Central America and the Carribean and labeling with "flags and tags." This week's history topics were Teddy Roosevelt and the Panama Canal. We read a very interesting book about the construction of the Panama Canal and so had plenty to discuss as we made our maps. I meant to take a picture but forgot, but wanted it to go on record that we made a large number of very tiny paper-cut-out-bits that went everywhere. I always feel we have accomplished something when there are tons of paper bits on the floor...and I actually directed the cutting and pasting.

The highlight of my week was our second co-op meeting for science and dialectic-level literature. We discussed The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum. This was actually an upper grammar (UG) selection, but there was great material for discussion and analysis. I have been discussing the literature using a Deconstructing Penguins style of discussion.

The co-op has changed a bit this year, as we decided to gear it more toward the Dialectic students. We have simplified it tremendously by not planning an activity each week, and by structuring the discussion to be a certain subject each time (i.e. literature), and by following a predictable format. We have also gone to meeting only every other week so that we have the alternate weeks to enjoy more field trips! We have also added a science lab for the second hour. The discussion this week was fantastic, and the kids enjoyed making, discussing, and eating cell models. (They were made from Jell-O.)

I promised my son I would post this photo on the blog for crossing his eyes.

Ours didn't come out of the bowl too well, but it didn't change the taste.

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