Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer Reflections

Reflecting on the summer, I spent much of it poolside, reading books and allowing the burn-out to stop smoking. Mostly, I screamed for the kids in swim team until my throat was raw. I packed a lot of lunches and got up terribly early most Saturday mornings for swim meets. I didn't think at all about school, curricula, or what I was going to do this year. I let it all go. Then as August came around I let school things seep back into my brain, and here we are.

It is now Labor Day weekend, and it feels good to be back in school routine. It just sort of happened gradually and we've slowly gone back to work. Here are my take-aways from this summer, without waxing too spiritual or philosophic.

1. Summer is meant for being outdoors, for growing things, especially children.

2. Sometimes, in spite of summer, the garden does not grow. Sometimes the bugs and deer are more savvy than the gardner. There is always next year.

3. Yard work is overrated. (see #2)

4. Easy-up shade canopies are extremely cool. Swim meet families should be labeled a sub-culture.

5. Vacations with good friends are investments for a lifetime.

6. Beach vacations with good friends are never quite long enough.

7. A little competition never hurt anyone, and may even make you stronger.

8. One must read books in the summer. Lots of them.

9. Humidity stinks, especially when combined with 95+ degrees.

10. Men in Speedos need to be outlawed. Period.

So with the summer drawing to a close, let the lessons (and blogging) begin!

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