Sunday, May 13, 2012

Week 32: In Which We Nearly Have Too Much Fun!

One of my face book status updates this week was "Pinch me...I may be too happy." This was due to the fact that I was going to be taking the kids to the National Gallery of Art the following day, and then on the weekend we would be celebrating our daughter's birthday...There was so much to look forward to. In this final unit of TOG, we study the French Impressionists, and what better way to do that than to go and visit their paintings in person. The NGA has a lovely collection of them and we enjoyed the tour very much.
Two days after that we took our kiddos to the annual education day at King's Dominion. It falls conveniently near my daughter's birthday each year, so for the past two years in a row she has celebrated her big day with a trip to the amusement park. We went with friends and had a blast--the weather was perfect! We had a big experiential lesson on the effects of g-forces on the human body, as we rode a 305-ft. roller coaster called the Intimidator. I rode it twice. I think that is enough for me. (Insert googly-eyes here)

Our school year is winding down. This is our final week of lessons before we take our long summer break. We have some grammar and math to wrap up, a piano recital to prepare for, and some reading to finish, and that is all! Golf started last week, so we have three lessons this week, the AWANA awards night, and then a week devoted to cleaning up the house from our very busy school year. After that, it's vacation, baby!

This will likely be my last weekly report for this year. I look forward to some time for reflection and the opportunity to write about other things than boxes being checked. It has been a busy, fun school year. I would say it has been the best we've ever had. We learned how to persevere, how to know when to pull back, how to balance a very full plate of "life," and how to enjoy each other in new ways. I look forward to what the next school term holds.

Happy Summer, everyone!

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