Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Discovery Fly-by!

(The photos didn't turn out great but it was the best I could catch in the rush to change lenses on my camera. We could actually see it much better than this.)

We happen to live in the flight pat of Dulles airport, which services Washington, D.C. The space shuttle Discovery made her final flight, piggy-backed on a modified 747 yesterday to her final home in the Air and Space museum at the Udvar-Hazy center near Dulles. It was fun to witness a little bit of history flying by our front yard. My husband got a very good look at it from his workplace in the city.


  1. Great catch! Props to you for getting the picture at all!!

  2. A friend of mine posted her pics of this on facebook yesterday and I've been thinking how neat it would be to see this last flight! Great catch!

  3. I would have so loved to see that!


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