Friday, March 09, 2012

Week 24 - The War is Over

This week was our final week of studying the Civil War. Matty remarked, "Mom, this is my favorite period of history, but after three weeks, I'm ready to move on. I had to smile. He worked on his report on General McClellan and finished his reading, and continued laboring through his math. To motivate him to be more careful, his Dad promised 50 cents for every correct answer on his test. Dad didn't think to ask how many questions were on the test, and I have to say, with the $10 as bait, I have never seen a more attentive math student. He is taking the test right now as I write!

***Update! Matty did score 100% on his test, and has already spent the money, one hour after he got it. I have not seen him so happy over an accomplishment in a long time. He has felt very discouraged over math lately. This was just the thing to boost his morale.

We topped off the week with a lovely visit to Manassas Battlefield park, where we visited the museum and took a walk.

Miss Molly has been sick this week. It began with a headache on Sunday morning and by the evening had turned into a fever and a cough. Over the next three days she ran a fever, sometimes as high as 103, and had a barking cough that caused her to hurt all over. Finally yesterday the fever broke, but her appetite had not quite returned and she was still fairly exhausted. Nebulizer treatments have helped make the cough bearable. This morning at 9:20 as I write this, she is still sleeping, for which I am so glad. Needless to say she didn't get any school done, but she watched a lot of PBS kids! I always feel so helpless when my babies are sick!

Since Molly was sick, she was unable to join us at the battlefield, but fortunately Dad was home telecommuting for the day, which allowed me to accompany Matty and some friends. It was windy! I took these with my iPhone so I'm not sure how pixilated they will be here...

Giddap! The Rebs are on the move!
Henry House at Manassas Battlefield Park
The caption reads, "Dedicated to the Patriots who fell here."
The quote that gave General "Stonewall" Jackson his nickname.


  1. I've never commented here, but I recently found your blog via WTM forums. We live near to Manassas Battlefield, and I'm gearing up to use TOG2 next fall. Looks like you guys had a great time - we love visiting the battlefield. It's exciting how there are so many options in this area for studying that time period of history.

  2. What an opportunity! We'd love to visit your neck of the woods some day. Congrats to your son on his test! Math can get a person down for sure. :)

  3. Way to go on the math test!!!

  4. Believe me...He needed that confidence boost!

  5. Sometimes those confidence boosts carry us for a long time! Good week :)


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