Friday, March 23, 2012

Week 26 / 27: Spring Is Sprung!

My mom always used to say this funny rhyme when the weather changed from winter to spring:

"Spring is sprung
The grass is riz
Wonder where the birdies is?"

I, of course say the same thing to my kids when "spring is sprung" and boy howdy it has sprung early this year! As a result, this week has been a swarm of feelings about the fact that spring break was still two weeks away and a lot of foot-dragging on everyone's part about school work. The TOG quarter is winding down, with the unit celebration to be held next weekend, and one of the members of our group had a baby two days ago...It feels like a good time to change course a bit. Due to the need to just get some mental clarity, we did only the core subjects this week. We had already agreed as a group to skip TOG's Year 3 Unit 3 week 26 for the sake of timing with spring break and just cover the topics on our own as desired. So for my family, I enjoyed a little flexibility this week, a beautiful day out at the 100th Cherry Blossom Festival, and a day with Dad home to help with errands and household needs.

Matty completed lesson 29 in Math U See Epsilon--one week to go and we will be done with that book, just in time for spring break! Other than that, we did some reading and writing from Writing with Ease, Molly did some math and did a stellar job with her piano practice this week, but we didn't get a whole lot done otherwise. I have to be okay with that and accept it as part of the flow of life, as much as I could let it drive me crazy.

But the bottom line is that this time of year lends itself well to deviating from the routine of most of the school year. We'll get back to it after spring break, but for now we need to get some cleaning and gardening done!


  1. Love looking at your beautiful pictures. Spring has sprung here as well--only one more week until our spring break!

  2. I love hs becasue of the flexibility. When we need a break we take one. Hold on until your spring break. Do you have special plans or are you just taking it easy.

    1. No special plans...actually I need to complete my 4th quarter planning, but at least I'll be able to be liesurely about it!

  3. Hi Kelly -

    Came across your blog when search "Religious Exemption". Our views for homeschooling are similar to yours, but haven't started the religious exemption yet.

    Noticed we were touring the Cherry Blossoms the same day as your family! Us and your 10,000 other closest friends. :)

    1. 10,000 of my closest friends, yes!! :) I'm glad you found the blog. If you have any questions about the religious exemption process, email me.


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