Sunday, March 11, 2012

Curriculum Party!

I don't think I have ever been so early before on this but...wait for it...
It is March, 2012. I have decided on and ordered nearly all of the curriculum I believe I will need for next year! I will not post a photo of the happy dance that I am doing right now, because I'm sure it's not pretty, but the truth is, we have enjoyed this year so much that I feel very little need to change, so we will continue with the next steps in the curriculum that we are currently using.

Here is the list:

Tapestry of Grace Year 4 (Dialectic for Matty and Lower Grammar for Molly)
Mapping the World by Heart - I want to do this as we study the modern world so that from here out (we go back to Ancients the year after next) the kids will have a good understanding of the modern map so they can figure out where things are in relationship to the Ancient world. Both kids love geography.
Apologia Anatomy and Physiology-Matty will do the Notebook journal, Molly will do a simplified version along with us.
Writing With Ease 2 (for Molly)
Writing With Skill
First Language Lessons for the Well trained Mind (4 for Matty, 2 for Molly)
Spelling Workout (B for Molly, E for Matty)
Vocabulary from Classical Roots 6 (for Matty)
Math U See (Zeta for Matty, Beta for Molly)
We will continue with Rosetta Stone French and Le Francais Facile

I only have left to consider what we will do to begin studying logic. This is an area that I am unfamiliar with in terms of formal study, so I will be examining my options closely.

In the past I have jumped around from this to that, trying out different things to see which works better. I think I am coming to the conclusion that for our family, if the curriculum works for ME the teacher, it works for US as a learning group. As a teacher, I am not one who needs a lot of hand-holding, and so with TOG and Apologia, I actually enjoy the planning and execution of their very rich curricula. However, I find that the Peace Hill Press curricula (WWE and FLL) are handy for the simple reason that I don't have to plan them. Just pull out the pages and go. I have often tweaked the lessons with my own explanations and silly sentences in order to make it more enjoyable, but the texts on their own are rock-solid. I have not gone wrong with any of the suggestions found in The Well Trained Mind, except for Spelling Workout in the past. It used to make poor Matty cry when he was little. Well, he's over that now, so we're back to it. It is still a solid program, and one he can do mostly on his own.

So, in the midst of dragging my feet through the March blahs, I have managed to find a spark and get very excited about continuing with what we are doing for next year.

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