Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 18: Mid-Year Assessment

It is the half-way point of the school year. This last week (week 18, as determined by our TOG studies) I felt as though I really needed a week to regroup, have some time off, figure things out. That didn't happen, but I did manage to squeeze time out of my weekend to do some evaluating and planning for the next term. My kitchen table is strewn with books, planning sheets and folders, but in looking through what we have completed so far, I have worked out that, in fact, we are more on track this year than I have ever been at this point! This is a happy realization! I have always struggled to complete curriculum, and in CC found that I was always "behind" because (as I have mentioned before) the curriculum had a way of blazing ahead of me before we were ready to move off of one topic onto the next.

A friend and I sat down with a new homeschooling mom who is planning to join our co-op and use TOG, as well. She asked us if we thought we had had hit our "groove" with homeschooling. Both of us emphatically said, "Yes, finally." Somehow the description of the "sweet spot" was used. There seems to be a nice balance of challenge, fun and fundamentals. I attribute it in part to the curriculum we're using, but simple experience also plays a part. I look forward to the second half of this year. I believe it will be wonderful...

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  1. Its good to hear that you have found a good grove. Way to go for being on track with your curriculum. Midyear for me was a time to evaluate what was done and how to finish what remains by our end date. I find that this year I am so looking forward to next year that I can't focus on this year. Crazy I know but that's where I am.


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