Monday, June 27, 2011

What We Like: Khan Academy

This week, Susan Wise Bauer wrote a post about Khan Academy on her blog. I'm not sure if I arrived earlier than she to this party, but since I respect "SWB" and her recommendations and opinions on matters of academics, I was glad to see that she had positive things to say about it.

I know that for a while now, I have been reaping benefits from Salmon Khan's simple, concise, and solid math instruction. I decided to brush up on my rusty math skills in order to confidently teach my kids as they advance. In the process, I decided that he does a better job than I of explaining concepts--easily enough that a nine-year-old boy can understand, and so I set Matty to the task of working through the arithmetic portion of the knowledge map to review what he's covered. Now as things get more difficult, I can look to Mr. Khan to help me explain to him what I may not be able to express as well.

The best part about it--it's FREE. You log yourself on, watch the videos, do the practice problems, earn proficiency badges, and then move on. It's a mastery-based approached, but it encourages systematic review by letting you see where you haven't worked in a while. Sure enough, today I checked into my "knowledge map" and decided to do some review practice on some geometry concepts. Sure enough, I had forgotten something and needed to review a lesson before moving on. The repair was quick and painless, and I can now do a few review problems and be on my way to something new that I haven't covered yet (at least not in the past 20 years!)

As a mom trying to teach her kids math despite being an English teacher, this is more help than I could have imagined!

Here is a little info on Khan Academy, spoken by the founder himself.


  1. Hi, Kelly, you won't remember me, but we attended the same CC practicum last summer, only we didn't meet there, we "met" online afterwards. :)

    My daughter has recently begun using Khan Academy to supplement chemistry. (We're year-rounders here.) She turned to me the other day and said, "I LIKE the way he explains things." I can't believe it's free. What a blessing.

    I love your blog, and not just because of the gorgeous shells at the top. (Boy, do I need a beach vacation!)

    Angie in VA

  2. Angie, I remember you! My son is really enjoying Khan. I think he really enjoys taking a new concept that he hasn't covered yet and working it out. Today he did prime numbers and another day he did integers--it is definitely giving him a break from the daily grind of math, and when he comes to those concepts in our curriculum, they won't intimidate him!

    Thanks for peeking in on the blog. I'm going to get busy with it here soon. I've been super busy with "stuff" this summer...

  3. Thanks for the link! I followed your blog from a link on the WTM forums. I am bookmarking that site for sure!


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