Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer Nature Study has begun...

...and "critter hunts" and woods exploration are the favorite pastimes around here. The weather is lovely, the garden is planted and the kids and cats are busy bringing home all manner of interesting things. We've had a turtle (that I rescued from the road), a vicious black racer snake that the cat brought home as a prize--42 inches long and mean as, well, a snake. I didn't like him so I didn't take a picture. We are currently nursing a shrew back to health after a trying day yesterday. Jack was so proud of himself--the shrew was less so. We have several garter snakes, bluebirds and wrens nesting (whose nest unfortunately fell prey to the snakes...the eggs have disappeared). We have been visited by a huge bullfrog who greeted us on our driveway as we arrived home one evening. The foxes in the woods have been heard yipping and calling at night, and the sounds of nature are so loud in the morning that it's impossible not to awaken early.

I love the spring here. It is a short-lived wonder and so I relish every day. The heat is coming, so I aim to enjoy these glorious days!  "All nature sings and round me rings the music of the spheres..."


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