Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Easter Colors

Not that I like it, but Here's the Answer to my Problem

I'm puzzled as to why my blog is only showing the most recent post on my home page. Here is the closest thing to answer I found on Blogger help. It looks like for now you need to go to the "older posts" to see, well, older posts.

Week 28: Trauma to Recovery

While everyone else was on spring break, we plowed through our school work. We will be taking spring break in a couple of weeks when grandparents come to visit. We did make a venture out to the mall to buy Easter clothes and some new spring and summer threads, and I was traumatized for days. I absolutely hate the mall, and even more when it is crowded. I got suckered into buying new "blinking" shoes for my daughter that she simply didn't need, and now she is a walking disco ball with all the lights and flashing that a little girl could possibly dream of. Okay, I don't mind so much. It's not like I buy stuff like that every day...

We continued our focus on math and language arts. If nothing else I hope to stay on top of these two over the summer months. Matty is finding Khan Academy to be a helpful resource, and is even venturing into learning new things just for fun. Molly continues to enjoy Phonics Road.

We did an art lesson which talked about pointillism, and I showed the kids the Seurat painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte. I showed them the picture in my art book from an old college course, and after looking, they lost their place and stumbled on the section on Classicism. After wondering and talking about why the Greeks and Romans did so many nudes, I explained as best I could, remaining completely neutral. Molly listened quietly and attentively, as usual. Next, I handed them the Usborne Art Treasury.  Molly took it from me, sighed, and said, "Good--I hope this one is more appropriate."

Friday's Bible study was week two of Lord, Teach Me to Pray for kids and it was just as fun and wonderful as the first week. The kids are engaged and enjoying the fact that they are finding the answers for themselves, and they are enthusiastic about sharing them. (I think that cancels out the misery of the earlier part of the week...)