Friday, March 25, 2011

Week 25: The Plague

Life from Mom's Perspective:
On Monday afternoon I began to feel achy. On Tuesday I felt as though I had been hit by a truck. Everything hurt. I had a fever, headache, chills. All I wanted to do was sit in a hot bath or sleep. On Wednesday Glen telecommuted. He took Matty over to Candace's house to be proofed for Memory Master. On Thursday he went back to work figuring that I was sure to be improving. I wasn't. Providence being what it is, the kids' new Wii game that they had been waiting for for months arrived. Again, I sat in the bath and shivered, but added to that the stuffy head and congestion had hit. Friday, Glen is home again. I am slightly better, but cannot help wondering if I will ever really feel well again.

Life from the Kids' Perspective:
Mom, are you okay? Do you need a blanket? (cool...she's fine, let's go play) Mom, I'm hungry. She replies, "Okay, let's cook lunch." Mom stands by while Molly and Matty cook Mac and cheese from a box. (cool...what a treat). Mom, are you okay? (cool...she's fine) Can we play Wii? She replies, "uh-huh." COOL! (we never get to play Wii on school days!)

If it seems as if the week passed by in a total fog, it did. Nevertheless, my memory work whiz-kid went to his tutor's house for his "tutor proof" for Memory Master and passed with flying colors! I'm so excited for him. The highlight of the week was him calling me from her house and saying, "Hey, Mom, I made it." Molly immediately wanted to talk to him, and took the phone from me and said, "Hey Matty! Did you make it?...Any hesitations?" She was so excited for him, as we all are. He still has to go through the "spot check" proof with the director, but so far so good. The "big one" is done! Unfortunately, he was supposed to do the final proof today, but our CC was cancelled because so many families have the flu or are recovering from it. Fully 1/3 of the community has been affected. It's a bad one, this flu.

Here's hoping the rest of my family stays healthy...

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  1. Hope you're feeling better--and congrats on your Memory Master.


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