Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week 21: Time Well Spent

There are always those weeks where you feel as though you got "nothing" done. The goals on the checklists remain unchecked, the stories in the stack didn't get read, and not as much math as intended was covered. It is these weeks that I have to remember that there are other things that have even greater value than checking the book items off.

This week's highlight was hosting three rescued orphans and their chaperon from the Watoto Children's Choir. Nicholas, Reagan and Elijah, along with their Chaperon Uncle Roger delighted us with their warmth, their gratitude, and their cheerful presence. These kids know how to give hugs, and I felt I could not hug them enough! When we considered their lives and the things they had suffered, there wasn't enough that we could do for them or give to them.

On Tuesday, in preparation for their arrival, the kids and I cleaned the house, prepared their room and planned the snack for after the concert. Upon their arrival, you would have thought the president had come...Matty could not do enough for them, and he was an excellent host. He admitted that he wished that we could adopt them, as did I.

The late night and excitement took its toll on the kids, and the night after their departure they slept for 13 hours! Then it was back to work and regular lessons, and I had to remind myself that something bigger than Math Mammoth had happened earlier this week.

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