Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Click!

So today, I heard a very satisfying "click" as my daughter sat beside me on the sofa and read page after page of her Pathway Reader.  She was crumbling under the weight of her other (unnamed) curriculum, so I borrowed some PRs from a friend and she seemed to take to it.  It was still a bit of a challenge, though, so I said, "how about just one page a day...that's all!" and she agreed.  So after a couple of weeks of just doing a page or two a day, today she read the new story from title to end all by herself, not sounding out words, and not stopping and asking if she could please be done.  At the end of each page I would ask her if she wanted to stop and she would say, "No way!  I want to keep going!"  Ahhh...the satisfaction of a child who finally gets it. 

At the end of every page she would stop and look up at me in amazement, as if she were congratulating ME, and then she would hug me and laugh, then quickly turn back to the next page and keep reading.  She is so excited.  I am thrilled.  Teaching a child the wonders of words on a page (as tedious as it can be) is so worth it when everything finally falls into place.  Congratulations, sweet're a reader now!


  1. OH I loved these readers with my little boys. They are sweet stories.

  2. Even the very beginner stories are nice! We're really enjoying them.

  3. Ahhhh...warm, fuzzy memories of my two and Pathway Readers! I remember having a bookshelf full of all these colorful DK books and my first born was drawn to Pathway Readers more than the DK's!

    Congrats to the reader! :) I love homeschooling!

    Your blog is beautiful. A guilty pleasure of mine. :)

    Angie in VA
    (who attended the July CC practicum when you did. We didn't meet there, but I commented on your blog about it. I doubt you recall, but wanted to mention it.)

  4. Hey Angie! I do remember about the CC practicum. Glad you are enjoying the blog--thanks for the comment and checking in once in a while. At the next practicum we'll have to plan to meet up.

  5. How exciting!!!!!! :)
    Lee...waiting for the click w/ 5yo ds


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