Friday, September 03, 2010

Who Moved Her Cheese?

God must have known that I needed a good laugh...
Yesterday my daughter and I went shopping at the commissary.  Before leaving, I handed her a snack of two cheese sticks and a snack bag of wheat thins.  In the car, she ate one cheese stick and all of the wheat thins.  When we returned to the car after our marathon shopping session, I found the second cheese stick melted and mushy in the plastic in the very hot car.

Last night at 2:35 a.m., my daughter appeared by our bed, concerned. 
Molly - "Mommy?"
Me - "Huh?  uh...huh?  what's wrong, Molly?"
Molly - "What happened to my other cheese stick?"
Me - "What?--can we talk about this in the morning?"
Molly - "Mommy....what HAPPENED TO IT?  I was going to eeeeaaaaat  it!" (now sobbing)
Me - "uh, Molly...please can we talk about this tomorrow?
Molly - "can i sleep with you?  Please tell me what happened!  Please! Mommy, what happened?

A few minutes later she was softly sobbing and saying, "what happened to it?" but drifting off to sleep between us, and I woke this morning with elbows and hair poking and tickling me in various places and a smile on my face.

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