Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week 4 In Review

Wow, we are really groovin' here!  It's been a really good week, since I dropped a couple of things last week and am retooling for my kindergarten gal.  They enjoyed another week of gymnastics, which is their newest passion and did very well in their school work.  They also got to pick the ONLY apple from our baby apple tree (which is one of two...the other one didn't produce this year)

Matty's love for history and his enjoyment of making lapbooks has really culminated in a good effort from him this week.  I am discovering that as long as we are talking history, he will read, write and stay on task and not really think he's doing school.  (mwahahaha!) Science, however, is another story.  Because the weight of our interest tips the scales in favor of history, it's just, get around to science...for both of us.  There's always tomorrow, right?  And both kids are still getting something of science from CC's memory work and weekly experiments.  I'm planning to pick up Astronomy here in the next few weeks.

I have to say I loved this week.  It was low-key...the days are getting shorter and we all seem to want to stay snuggled down in bed a little later.  It's a natural thing...I don't think I'm going to fight it.  I want my kids to be rested as well as educated, not dragging through life feeling like they are being rushed from one thing to the next.  Today, for instance, they got up at about 7:30 and saw that it was pouring rain out, so they got dressed, did their chores and at 8:15 were outside riding their scooters, getting soaked.  Weirdos.  Happy weirdos.  We started school around 9:15.  Somewhere in there they dried off, but they took care of that themselves.  I was still drinking my coffee, so I wouldn't have noticed if they were dripping on the oriental rug.

Otherwise we did what needed to get done and then some.  I didn't get enough cooking done, but oh well...we didn't starve.  God made deli meat for a reason, right?  It was the first week of the school year in which I had the luxury of doing the fun stuff, and in that learned that the essential stuff (like writing and spelling) has a miraculous way of flowing from that.  When a 9-year-old writes 9 small summaries of the lives of the great kings of the middle ages, and hardly notices because he's so interested in what he's doing, I can't help but think that "school" is happening.  I'll take it.  Sooner or later the 5-year-old will get the "click" for reading...I'm not going to worry, but I will do a happy dance when it happens.


  1. Love your attitude! How delightful that your son loves history so much. I have a son that doesn't and it is a major drag, let me tell you!

    My kids used to be into gymnastics. Your photos make me miss those days!

  2. I agree - it is very natural to be more low-key and snuggly as autumn comes and the days get shorter! Sounds like a happy, fun week. :)

  3. I just love your perspective!

    "When a 9-year-old writes 9 small summaries of the lives of the great kings of the middle ages, and hardly notices because he's so interested in what he's doing, I can't help but think that "school" is happening." ... Loved this!

    Thanks for sharing your week!

  4. What a nice post! I enjoyed hearing about your week. My kids are weirdos too! If it's raining they are outside! Go figure!

  5. Sounds like a perfect week! The days are growing shorter here quickly, too. It was light by 5 AM just a few months ago. Now it isn't light until almost 7:30. It gets harder and harder to get going in the mornings.

  6. What a relaxed week! I love it. The gymnastics pictures are great! I want snuggly rainy days. We are still at 100 degrees here.

    And how funny about the history writing. My son would write about science all day, but history brings out the whining. LOL.

  7. You could purchase a science that is tied to your history. I have a copy of Beautiful Feet's History of Science that I have had since my now 19yo was in middle school. Whenever science was becoming a bummer, I would pull it out and do whatever little section coordinated with our history.

    Also, you're right, don't worry. Reading will click and we will expect photos of the happy dance!

  8. Mine spent Thursday playing in the rain too...I stayed inside.

  9. haha...don't count on pictures of the happy dance.


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