Friday, August 20, 2010


A friend of mine from church met another homeschooling friend of mine and her two girls yesterday.  (Hi Lori!  Hi Candace!)  I mentioned playfully to Lori that I was keeping my eye on Candace's (very lovely) girls for my boy someday.  Lori asked if all homeschoolers are into arranged marriages and I said, "No, but many prefer a courtship model rather than promote dating..."  and proceded to launch into an explanation for why we don't prefer dating, will encourage courtship, etc., to which she replied something to the effect of, "well, I was sort of kidding..."

Nevertheless, my daughter has her eye on a couple of guys already.  It used to be that she had eyes only for her big brother until we informed her that she couldn't marry her brother, so she focused on the next-best-thing...big brother's best friend--mind you that Molly is only five.  We're observing this all with a bit of amusement, but all the while praying earnestly for her some-day husband.  He's going to need it!  A couple of weeks ago said friend was over to spend the night.  I overheard the following conversation between Molly and Noah:

Molly:  Noah, I'm going to marry you.
Noah:  What if I don't want to marry you!?
Molly:  I'll marry you anyway!
Noah:  You can't make someone marry you, you know.  You can't just make someone go to the church and marry you!
Molly:  Then I'll marry Nathan! (big brother's other best friend)

Just thought I'd share.  These moments are priceless.  Before we know it she will be marrying her real husband and I'll look back on this with happy tears in my eyes.  The time goes by so fast.

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