Sunday, June 13, 2010

Best of Convention

We just returned from the annual HEAV convention in Richmond yesterday.  The whole family went, and although both kids were suffering from different stages of a cold, we made the best of it, tried not to overdo it, and had fun anyway!  Here is a list of the best of convention:

Best find overall: Calvin and Hobbes There's Treasure Everywhere in brand-new condition and snagged for $1 at the used book sale! 

Best line from a seminar: "There are only two religions:  God's Word and man's word." (Ken Ham) 

Best find at a vendor booth:  Who is God (and Can I Really Know Him) curriculum published by Apologia and written by John Hay and David Webb  and Carry on, Mr. Bowditch read unabridged by Jim Weiss.

Best toy acquired by the kids:  A kaleidoscope that has a tube of floaty colors and confetti.  If I'd had this toy when I was a kid, I wouldn't have needed any others.

Best time spent by kids:  swimming in the pool and ordering room service and being spoiled by Auntie Kate.

Best time spent with hubby:  shopping the curriculum floor while he held all my heavy books and never complained.  I was feelin' the love!

Best time spent with Kate:  talking over a glass of wine after the kids were asleep...listening to Joshua snore.  

Best feeling of the weekend:  coming home.

Worst realization of the experience:  realizing that I have to find places for all these new books and stuff.

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