Friday, March 19, 2010

Thanks for the Help, Lord

This week I've been in one of those March doldrums, nursing a case of serious spring fever, feeling overwhelmingly busy, and inadequate as a homeschool mom.  So I prayed.  I am beginning to understand that the affirmation that I need does not come from people or the kids or even my friends who are in it with me.  They can say nice things, but they are not the deep-penetrating voice of my Father who knows my deepest need.

But this week in the midst of feeling less than exemplary, I stumbled upon an old / new idea.  I've been bemoaning the fact that my kids love crafts and I really hate to do them, and deep down I know that it would serve them well to do something with their hands that they really like, and something in a forum that I visit reminded me of lapbooking.  I saw this at homeschool convention and completely wrinkled my nose at it--WAAAY over the top from what I could see displayed on the tables at convention (well, of course, it's convention).  That, combined with the fact that I'm a perfectionist and an all-or-nothing person caused me to turn away in dismay and think it could never be done.  However, online I've seen a lot of really simple examples and a lot of really kid-friendly projects that lots and lots of people have posted.

When I saw them, I thought, "I like paper crafts...I could actually do that with the kids!" and so this week I have planned that TODAY we will begin our first lapbook on ancient Greece, and Matty is excited.  So I will post pictures and results of our lapbooking extravaganza and if it goes well, perhaps use this as a fun tool to record some of the things we're learning.  It may sound strange, but I sincerely believe that whenever I ask, the Lord breathes a breath of inspiration into my humble journey here, and I am able to meet the needs of my children better.  When the needs of my children are met and they are at peace, then I am affirmed as a teacher and mother.  This can only come from the Lord.

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