Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Quest for a Well-Educated Mind Continues

You may be wondering if I'm finished with Don Quixote...Well no, I'm not.  I have not given up the quest to read that tome, but I am not finished.  It seems like other things just, well, take precedence sometimes.  Like Oliver Twist, which I listened to on my ipod and read along in my book from time to time.  Let me just say that if DQ were as wonderful as Oliver Twist I would have been finished with it months ago.  Now I am well embedded into The Pilgrim's Progress which I am also enjoying.

I have also in there somewhere watched the movie Food, Inc. which summarily turned my world upside down and has me reading more and more about food, the food industry, and how to change our diet and habits.  I try to bake bread from time to time, and read a lot about that, we are planting the garden, so I am reading about that, and now I am reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, with great delight.  It is a wonderful book about how the author's family made a one-year commitment to eat only what they could grow or buy locally--a personal experiment in living off of the land and reducing their carbon footprint.  I would recommend this book to anyone, but especially people who are trying to learn how to live and eat differently than the culture in which we live.  It is both a friendly look into another family's culinary life and an education in how our food culture affects our lives.  And it's set in Virginia, which makes it even nicer.

So do not lose heart (preaching to the choir here).  We do not "quit" on books.  The bookmark is still firmly in place in the pages of Don Quixote as proof that I am still reading it.   When a bookmark is removed, then there is cause for concern.  I will get through it.


  1. I have Pilgrim's Progress on my bookshelf but haven't gotten started on that one yet. I just finished Fast Food Nation, which I think is somehow connected to Food, Inc. (which I also want to see). I will definitely check out the Animal, Vegetable book. The Fast Food Nation book made me really, really want to grow our own food...only I have never had a garden and don't have a clue how to get started. We did plant some tomatoes, so that's something. :-)

  2. Check out the book "The All New Square Foot Gardening" book from the library--or just buy it. You won't regret the purchase. It's a great place to start gardening.


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