Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Elephants and Asses and Tea?

Happy New Year!  It's an election year!!!  I generally don't blog about politics, but maybe this is about to change...

I'm beginning to feel very excited about the upcoming Congressional revolution.  It seems the political temperature among the American people is rising rapidly, and people who see themselves as the "educated class" of society are getting nervous.  It's going to be very interesting to see what comes out of this election (or rather, who comes out of Congress because their constituents' boots went where the sun don't shine). 

Obama was right on one point--his administration is anything but "politics as usual."  That tag-line is kind of like deceptive labeling on food products, to make you think something is better than it is, like "no antibiotics or hormones added" is supposed to make you think you're getting organic beef or chicken.  Right.  The hormones weren't added.  The animals have been consuming them since birth.  My point is that Obama promised an administration that would bring change, and what he meant was that he was going to make America's head spin with all the control he and the government were planning to seize.  That is change.  That is being true to his word.  It's just that the people who voted for him were too naive to see it coming. They made the mistake of thinking his changes would be good for them. 

So I'm very interested in the public move away from Obama and his minions.  David Brooks of the New York Times agrees that major changes are underway, and he seems very nervous about that fact.  Even implies that the people who are in a position to affect the change are an unruly band of uneducated, albeit passionate, folk.  I wonder what the British thought of the colonists when they dressed up as Indians and had their way with the crown's tea?  I'm sure words like "dignified, educated, orderly, respectable" were in their vocabulary. [hat tip: Spunky Homeschool]


  1. I just hope that it's not another run in the opposite direction. It seems like all of the elections of my adult life have been swings from Democrat to Republican. I would love to see more none party people brought it.

    Both sides have become so corrupt and they're so far from their constituents, it's no surprise they seem to have forgotten they're supposed to represent US, not their party :(

    I'm still registered Republican, but unless things start to change I'm going to have to go independant.

  2. I agree. I am watching with keen interest for that very reason. I have already declared myself "independent" and have no more loyalties to one party or the other. I will vote according to my conscience and do all I can to protect my freedoms.

  3. What stuns me is that some people are seeing new regulations and mandates as new freedoms?!?

    Since when was freedom wrapped in red tape?


  4. Whenever the government even turns an eye toward something to acknowledge it these days, I consider the countdown as having begun...the freedom will be gone in a matter of time. It's like getting your child to "help." (lol)

  5. Lol, yes, although when your kids help, most of the time, they're genuine... I'm not so sure about the government.

    Could you imagine if our kids helped us like the government. Okay Mom, I'll get these dishes dried for you! The next day, all your dishes are gone and there's a pile of paper plates with the helper standing infront demanding a quarter a piece to defray costs.


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