Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Accidental Field Trip

I called our friends to invite them to play yesterday afternoon, and on a whim she invited us to join them on an outing to a local dairy farm.  Some other families were going to investigate the possibility of buying a cow share so as to get raw milk.  I was interested, it sounded fun, so off we went.  It was muddy, but very nice for the children to see all the animals, and we were delighted with the new calves.  Here are a couple of the fun moments on the farm...Oh yes, and I am seriously considering a share to have the raw milk.  It's wonderful stuff.


  1. What darling calves! That 2nd video reminds me of my 1 month old baby girl... :)
    Lee (from the WTMboard)

  2. Oh, How Cute, Lee! I completely understand, and remember those days fondly with my own daughter.


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