Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dirty Money to Clean up Education

Last night i saw a disturbing ad on television (Yes, we do have television service until the election is over and I can't wait to get rid of it). It was an advertisement that was decrying the exit of dollars from Maryland into West Virginia and other states by means of slot machines. Oh, dear. What are we to do? Marylanders are funding other states' education systems by pouring Maryland dollars into their greedy little machines. The voice narrating the ad was sincere and gentle, and it exhorted citizens of the state to vote "yes" on question two on the ballot in the upcoming election. Doing so will bring the money back into Maryland and fund their own education system by approving slot machines in their own state.

Ah yes. A secular state gently and lovingly chides its citizens to bring their money home so they can fund their secular schools with money obtained by morally questionable means. This is most certainly the solution. Call me weird, but I have a thing about "dirty money." I see money that is obtained by immoral means, be it gambling, organized crime, preying on people's inability to pay their debts, being as good as dirt. Yes, a dollar is a dollar and it pays the bills, but the spiritual implications of such money are huge. Funding an already crumbling system with money obtained from the crumbling morality of our society is a recipe for disaster.

Leave it to me to look below the surface of an issue. I hope anyone facing such a ballot issue this fall will vote "HELL no..." because that is just where we're headed these days.

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