Wednesday, January 25, 2006

When it Rains the Cat's Away...

And the day that Daddy leaves for a business trip, all the tea in China hits the proverbial fan.

wait...I'm tired.

Tuesday, before he left, husband was in a car accident.
Wednesday we made a major purchase (cost more than $1000 and required more than one male to bring the thing home)
Thursday we had a hearing over a silly lawsuit.
Friday husband left for the opposite coast.
Friday Mom decides to take children to the museum to divert our attention from Daddy's absence. Boy catches stomach virus and throws up on the capital mall in D.C.
Mommy tends to boy for three days.
Baby girl starts teething (OR SOMETHING! I'm still not sure why she's been so crabby) and cries for the better part of four days and won't sleep.
Long-anticipated play date gets cancelled.
Baby is still crabby--won't sleep. Mommy doesn't sleep as a result.
Five days later Husband comes home. Baby falls asleep on his shoulder and goes to bed without a peep. Boy sleeps happily in his own bed. Dinner is served and cleaned up and put away.
Mommy has a beer.
Mommy is going to bed.

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