Sunday, September 06, 2015

Week 2: Law of Inertia

We had another great week--busy, tired at the end, but very productive. It appears to be a season of hard work for our family, and we are okay with that. Work hard, play hard--I know we will be grateful for the breaks when they come.

Over the last year since losing my mom, life has gradually taken on its regular pace. I am very glad that I allowed myself the time to grieve and to take school and commitments lightly. I believe it is why we are able to attack this term's objectives with purpose. We have enjoyed a long season of rest. Now it is time to get back to work.

We accomplished a lot this week! Here's a look:


Biology: Finished chapter 1 text, labs, notebook and test
Tapestry of Grace: Finished week 20 (Year 2) assignments and started week 21 after meeting for co-op
(this includes significant amounts of reading, a written response question, timeline and map work)
Algebra: Worked on reviewing skills that got a little rusty over the summer.
Grammar: Continued work in season 3 of Analytical Grammar
Latin: Completed the week's assignments given by his online instructor
Bible: Started week two of his study of John


Zoology 1: chapter 1 and notebook pages
Math: still working out the summer kinks. I expect to add some new material later this week.
Grammar: Jr. Analytical Grammar, Lesson 2
Spelling: Phonetic Zoo
Writing With Ease: Week 4
Tapestry of Grace: week 20 completed, started week 21

Matt got in five workouts, I got in four, Molly and Dad got in three each, so it was also a great CrossFit week!

I have been amazed at how hard the kids have worked, their growth as students (while I wasn't looking) and their great attitudes. I realize that they are hungry for routine as much as I am.

I went snooping on an old hard drive today and found a video I made when the kids were small and Molly couldn't talk yet. We used to say she spoke "Mollish" I can hardly believe she was ever that little, and yet it seems like yesterday. This evening we took them out for a rare and overdue dinner out at a nice restaurant and we reminisced about how we used to think we would never be able to go out to dinner without them creating a scene. Tonight we four sat and had a very civilized and pleasant meal together and enjoyed each others' company. There is no one on earth I'd rather be with than my peeps...I know the time is flying.

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