Thursday, January 29, 2015

Returning to Our Normal

I wish I had pictures of the beautiful ski day that my family had yesterday, but I don't. I was just. too. busy. flying down hills and taking in the sunshine to bother pulling out my phone. I must be better about this in the future. But that happened, and it felt right and wonderful to be doing something crazy together again.

It is now the fourth week in January. We chose to take lessons very easy last semester after my mother's passing to give me the mental space to grieve, which was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The kids kept up with some math, science and history reading, but we did nothing that would require planning on my part or lots of mom-intensive teaching. By January 1, we were all ready to get back to more rigor and a more normal lesson schedule. We are now four weeks in and things are going quite well.

When grief strikes no one can prepare you for it, warn you about it, or explain to you what it might be like. It is a vast, unknown wilderness for everyone who experiences it. On the other side of this are many who have already passed through, and I have found these special people to be dear companions and friends in this season, as they are the only ones who can give sound advice about how to traverse this mysterious place. I am thankful for everyone who gave loving and knowing guidance and support, and am so thankful that I listened to them along the way.

There is not a day that passes that I do not consider my mother--her voice, the memories of her, who she was as a mom and a friend is with me more constantly and more clearly than ever, and I miss her horribly. There are still tears, and often. Even so, the time has come to learn to live again without the shadow of Alzheimer's that lingered for so long.

I will pull out the camera, dust off my writing hat, and return to the things that I love so much. At the very least I want to return to weekly reports of schooling efforts, and continue writing thoughts and contemplations as time allows.

Meanwhile, here are some things that have been happening here in the last month!

 PJ school returned to normal
Have enjoyed teaching my little artist...

Been cooking quite a bit, and introducing new veggies to the family, with good results.
Went with good friends to see a theater version of C. S. Lewis's The Great Divorce--a perfect evening out, and a fantastic production
Watched my beloved Green Bay Packers win against the Cowboys in the playoffs with my big bro!

Made peace with my Cowboys-loving neighbor after the game.

Have enjoyed doing lessons with Molly's BFF once a week.
Here they are with their finished spider webs, their final project of the science unit on arachnids.
January is almost passed and February is full. Check back for updates--the one who said she would never homeschool is suddenly faced with decisions about homeschooling through high school--it will be a wild ride, I have no doubt!

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